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Land is such a small word for what can be at the heart of a complicated real estate transaction.

  • Recreational land. Development projects. Site selection.
  • Mining land. Vineyards. Retreats. Ranches. Horse property.
  • Vacant land. Valleys. Waterfront. Prairies. Subdivision development.
  • Transitional land. Commercial Land. Range land.
  • Timber land. Farm land. School & Church development.

There are many different types of land assets. And every type of land project or transaction comes with its own list of challenges and opportunities. Fred Schmidt has over 20 years of experience in land development as well as recreational land sales to guide you effortlessly during your land acquistion.

Land buyers, sellers & investors deserve more than a licensed real estate professional, they need a land expert — one who understands the complexities of land, one who has extensive real world, first-hand experience, and one who can provide the right kind of guidance to achieve short term utilization and long term investment objectives.

The uses for land are many and varied, from a weekend getaway for hunting and fishing to a planned community of luxury homes, a self-sufficient industrial complex to a big-box retail center. But they all share a common thread: Each began with a land buyer and seller with different objectives coming to an agreement.

Getting to that agreement requires specialized guidance from a land use and acquisition expert, one who understands the complexities of the land itself as well as the ins and outs of the transfer of its ownership. Every land project, sale or purchase comes with a unique set of challenges. At F.W.S. Land Strategies, we view those challenges as opportunities.

With more than two decades experience in the land brokerage industry, F.W.S. Schmidt Land Strategies has successfully closed more land transactions than any other land specialist in the St. Louis area. Land sales and acquisition is a complicated process, and our knowledgeable brokers are involved in every step along the way, from site selection, which may require assembling parcels for development, to navigating the zoning process and the possible implication of tax codes in structuring a sale contract. Using insightful analysis, proven marketing techniques and an unparalleled network of professionals, every transaction is engineered to satisfy your objectives and meet your investment goals. We apply our in-depth knowledge of the industry to create a customized experience for each client, and we work closely with all parties, including land owners, developers, lenders, appraisers, and municipal, county and state regulatory agencies, to ensure that the end result best suits your needs.

Put our expertise to work for you. Please click here or call 314-965-3478 to contact an FWS Land Strategies broker.


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FWS Land Strategies
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